Privacy Policy

Unraveling the Essence of Us

Embark on a digital voyage with us at, your premier hub for innovative and focused blogging experiences.

The Art of Commenting

When visitors grace our site with their comments, not only do we cherish the wealth of ideas that fill up the comment forms, but we also collect ancillary data like the visitor’s IP address and their browser user agent string. Why, you may ask? Well, it’s our ingenious way of sifting out spam and ensuring your valuable inputs are duly recognized.

As a further step, we concoct an anonymized string from your email address (lovingly called a hash), and present it to the Gravatar service, to see if you’re one of its users. You can find the Gravatar service privacy policy here. Post approval, your profile picture emerges in the public domain, shining brightly in the milieu of your comment.

Paintings in Pixels – Media

Images are a powerful form of communication. If you’re inclined to upload these visual narratives to our site, do heed this advice: steer clear of embedding location data (EXIF GPS) in your images. This safeguards you from any unintended sharing of your location data, which could be easily extracted by the curious or the prying.

Crumbs of Information – Cookies

If you pen down a comment on our site and opt for saving your name, email address, and website in cookies, we serve them up like dainty digital appetizers. They’ll remember you, easing your journey when you revisit to leave another comment. These diligent cookies hold your details close to their heart for a year.

Upon landing on our login page, we will offer you a no-strings-attached temporary cookie, its sole purpose being to find out if your browser has a sweet tooth for cookies. This transient cookie, with no personal data attached, bids goodbye as you close your browser.

Your login journey is eased by the cookies we set up. These hold your login information and screen display choices close to their hearts. Your choices are remembered for two days if they relate to login, and a year for screen options. If you whisper ‘Remember Me’, your login will stay etched in our memory for two weeks. However, logging out will erase these memories, removing the login cookies.

Are you an author at heart, editing or publishing articles? We place a commemorative cookie in your browser, which carries no personal data but fondly holds onto the post ID of your freshly edited article. This memento stays with you for a day.

A Tapestry of Interconnected Content

Our website is a woven tapestry of content, not just ours, but from myriad other sources. Embedded content (like intriguing videos, stunning images, enlightening articles, etc.) behaves as if you’ve been teleported to the other website.

Bear in mind that these external sites might also collect data about you, bake their own batch of cookies, embed additional third-party trackers, and keep an eye on your interaction with the embedded content. This is particularly so if you have an account and are logged into that site.

Data Sharing: To Whom and Why

If you ever find yourself needing a password reset, your IP address will ride along with the reset email, a beacon leading to the digital you.

The Footprints of Your Data

Leaving a comment is akin to imprinting your thoughts onto the sands of our website, and these footprints along with their metadata are preserved indefinitely. It allows us to quickly recognize and approve your future comments, saving them from the purgatory of a moderation queue.

For users who register on our website (a decision we applaud), we act as the guardians of the personal information provided in your user profile. While all users can peruse, edit, or obliterate their personal information whenever they wish (barring a username change), our website administrators also have the ability to view and modify that information.

Claiming Sovereignty Over Your Data

Should you possess an account on our site, or have strewn the landscape of our pages with your comments, you hold the power to request an exported file of your personal data stored in our vaults. This includes all the data you’ve ever shared with us. In an even bolder move, you can ask us to erase any personal data related to you. However, do note that this doesn’t include data we’re obligated to retain due to administrative, legal, or security reasons.

Data Expedition

Your valuable comments might embark on a journey through an automated spam detection service, ensuring that our site remains a sanctuary of genuine interaction and constructive dialogue.

In this evolving digital era, we’re committed to respecting and protecting your privacy while offering an engaging and focused blogging platform. Welcome to our world, a place where your ideas and thoughts are cherished, and your data is handled responsibly.